Carla Lippis, Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2014


Carla LippisCertainly one of the most intersting shows I am playing for in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival is ‘Brenta’s Bad Thing’ featuring Local Alt Country Superstar Carla Lippis. My good friend Steve Pederson is the MD, playing guitar, mandolin, and pedal steel, alongside Afronaut Kevin Van Der Zwaag on drums. I haven’t worked with Steve in years.

The show is really trippy but a lot of fun, mixing Italian wedding songs, 60’s Italian Pop, Country and an over-the-top 80’s power ballad where the whole band have to sing top A’s and Bb’s in full voice (falsetto not allowed).

Fun at the Artspace June 6, 7 and 8 in the Cab Fest.

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