Backstage Club with Libby O’Donovan at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Backstage club

I am not going to lie. Probably some of the most stressful gigs I have done in recent times were last weekend at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in the Backstage Club. I got to be part of the backing band behind Libby O’Donovan and her long list of guests. Stressful but ultimately rewarding.

Why stressful? Well, you never know what is going to happen. If you are lucky the artists will give you music the day before. Or they will come to the afternoon ‘soundcheck/rehearsal. Or they might show you the music before you go onstage. Or give it to when you are onstage just as you are about to perform it. Or maybe there is no music and you have advance notice and get to learn it from youtube. Or it gets called as you are onstage and you just have to hope that you have a vague idea about how it goes.

Anyway, we got through it and played for Kate Fuller, Amelia Ryan, Michael Falzon, Jane Cho, Amity Dry, Beccy Cole, Naomi Eyers, Kate Ceberano, ZacTyler, Marty and some others I can’t remember. Some great moments onstage, and a few terrifying ones. Like when someone accidentally took Jamie the bass player’s music off his stand just before we were playing for Naomi, and I had to yell out the chords to Jamie for the entire song (It was not a country song….)

Good to feel alive. Glad to have a night off.

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